- Spring Presentation Schedule has been posted (May 5, 2014): You may find the presentation schedule under “Resources” and also here.

- Grading for Spring Term (April 14, 2014): Grades for this term will be weighted as follows:  Final Report submission (5%), Drexel Writing Center meeting (5%), Notebook submission (5%), Oral Presentation (45%), Final Report (40%).  

- Final Report template has been posted (April 14, 2014): You may find it located under “Resources” and also here.

- No Class lectures for Spring Term (April 4, 2014): No lectures will be held during this term.  An email will be sent once the presentation schedule is finalized in the second half of the term.



Senior Design is a required three-term sequence for Senior students in the Electricial and Computer Engineering (ECE) department.  Students form groups with 3-4 members and develop a project which serves as the capstone experience of their education at the Drexel University College of Engineering.  Common topic areas include digitial signal processing, control systems, mirco electronics, telecommunications, computer networking, and power systems among others.  At the conclusion of each term, teams prepare a written report and give an presentation.  Senior Design is intended to simulate a professional work environment, provide experience working in a group on an open-ended problem, and refine skills in information-gathering and communication.